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Wave goodbye to traditional batteries that have to be replaced on a regular basis!

ICE ocean solar
O que a torna especial? A caixa e a bracelete são feitas a partir de resíduos plásticos dos oceanos! São reciclados e transformados em matéria-prima premium que permite a criação de novos produtos sustentáveis.
ICE sixty nine solar
O que a torna especial? A sua caixa é feita a partir de biopoly, um material de origem orgânica. A Ice-Watch combina estilo e inovação tecnológica para dar vida a uma colecção colorida e mais eco-responsável.
ICE chrono
Escolha o aspeto desportivo e masculino do relógio ICE chrono! O que a torna especial? É o único crono com caixa de biopoly, um material de origem biológica! A Ice-Watch combina estilo e inovação tecnológica para dar vida a uma colecção colorida e mais eco-responsável.
ICE forever bio
Deixe-se seduzir pelo look monocromático e tendência do relógio ICE forever - Dark blue Bio! Este relógio com um tom azul profundo vai encantar todos os fãs de relógios sóbrios e cheios de estilo. O que a torna especial? A caixa é feita de biopoly, um material de origem biológica! A Ice-Watch combina estilo e inovação tecnológica.
Felt pouches made of 100 % recycled plastic bottles
Our Ice solar power felt pouches are reusable and 100% made of recycled plastic bottles (rPET felt).
100% recycled paper
The ICE solar power watches protection wraps are made of 100% recycled paper
Becubic ! Renegerated plastic !
Our new becubic boxes are reusable and made of waste from the plastics industry. 35 Gr of virgin plastic 67 Gr of recycled plastic
Sheltered workshop : Our new boxes are locally produced in Bastogne, Belgium
Serviplast mission is to promote people with disabilities by ensuring their integration in the workplace. The integration of disabled workers requires a specific organisation of the company. The adaptation and organisation of the workstation, worker training, supervision and specific communication are required to ensure that each person is successfully integrated in the workplace. In addition, the environmental policy is an integral part of the company’s annual objectives. Continuous improvement aims at reducing energy consumption and waste production.
80% of your watch weight can be recycled!
The Ice-Watch brand has signed a partnership agreement with ECO TEMPO, a French company specialized in the collecting and recycling of used watches. It ensures the dismantling, sorting and recycling of used watches in its workshop located in France. Thanks to this partnership, and in order to meet urgent and regulated environmental needs, the Bastogne based distribution center of Ice-Watch becomes a collecting point for your old Ice-Watch. Do you wish to recycle your Ice-Watch? There is nothing more simple ! Send it to our distribution center by mail (ICE SA, rue de la Drève 44, 6600 Bastogne, Belgium) and be rewarded by receiving a 30% discount coupon on your next purchase on our webshop www.ice-watch.com, or by receiving a 30% refund on an order placed over the past 3 months.
Measuring and reducing our carbon footprint.
Self-sufficient European logistic center thanks to 870 photovoltaic panels
Beehives located nearby our logistic center to promote local bio-diversity & local honey production
At Ice-Watch we believe it is important to preserve living species and to prioritise those that are in danger. This is why we have chosen to install beehives on our logistics site located in Bastogne.
GOAL : 30% less CO2 by 2022!
A quantified study of our carbon footprint is underway to set specific targets to help us achieve carbon neutrality.